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The terminal is multipurpose Vega-TM-8

Main Specifications

Relative humidity 40-98%

Ambient temperature from -25 до +55 ºC

IP54 Protection Class;

Battery life-time: 4 years (3.6W);

External magnetic field control or flood control

Output power: Class 4 – 2 Watts
Class 1 – 1 Watts
GPRS Class 10/8 data transfer with TCP / IP protocol support, CSD support

weight 0.4 kg

dimensions: 142x124x46 mm

comfortable installation on the mater


For automation of liquid metering, balancing and scheduling in water supply systems, various industries and housing and communal services.

Features and benefits

  • The terminal has two pulse inputs for operation with two counters with pulse outputs.
  • Summarizes the volume in working conditions, according to the data received from the meter and transmits to the data collection server via GPRS channel according to the specified scenario.
  • Accumulates and stores hourly (64 days), daily (128 days) archives and emergency archives (128 days).
  • Maintains an operational archive (1024 records), the record can be made when the emergency threshold is exceeded or after a specified time interval: 1, 2, 5, 10, or 30 minutes.
  • Registers attempts to influence the magnet in order to distort the meter readings.
  • Transmits data on the state of the terminal, the creation of emergencies, the level of charge and life of the battery, the ambient temperature and others.
  • The specialized software “nVega (g)” is used for work, which allows to carry out interrogation and modification of parameters of separate terminal, to display the information received from the terminal in the form of tables, to create reports on work of the terminal for the specified period of time.