Production Capabilities

Our manufacturing capabilities can meet the needs of any client.

The enterprise is equipped with two high-performance CNC milling machines.

  • 4-axis machine tool of the American company HURCO;
  • 3-axis machine of the Japanese brand OCUMA.

The machines have high processing accuracy, they can produce parts with an accuracy of 20 microns.

The HURCO machine is equipped with a system of optical rulers that, if necessary, can increase the machining accuracy up to 10 microns.

There are two high-performance CNC turning centers in the production:

  • 3-axis turning and milling center of the American brand HURCO.
  • 2-axis machine OCUMA, Japan.

The machines have high machining accuracy and produce parts with an accuracy of 20 microns.

Radmirtech’s machine tool park includes modern machining centers produced by international corporations from the USA and Japan, which make it possible to produce parts of various standard sizes in the shortest possible time and with guaranteed high accuracy. The resources of the enterprise cover the entire cycle from development to manufacturing of finished products.

The enterprise owns its own assembly site, site for regulation and assembly of electronic equipment.

High professionalism of employees, individual approach to the tasks of each client allow the company to provide high-level services.