An integrated approach to solving tasks, a modern technological and technical base allows the Radmirtech joint venture to provide customers with service, repair, calibration, calibration, and all gas supply equipment manufactured at the enterprise.

Gas metering units are manufactured with one or more metering lines and a bypass line. At the request of the customer, gas metering units can be delivered with the corresponding gas control cabinet items.

The gas metering units include the following components:

  • volume or mass flow meters (rotational, turbine, membrane, diaphragm and vortex principles of action);
  • gas volume correctors (calculators) designed to work with several measuring pipelines according to their documentation;
  • absolute and gauge pressure sensors;
  • resistance thermal converters.

At a separate request of the customer, the gas metering unit may include: controller costs, telemetry system, filters, shutoff valves.

The components of the gas metering unit comply with the requirements for them in accordance with the technical documentation on temperature conditions, environmental protection conditions, resistance to mechanical stress, explosion protection rules and are selected taking into account the requirements of the Customer.

Direct connections and supplies from manufacturers of gas metering devices allow high-quality and short-term work.

Calibration of gas metering devices is carried out jointly with state attorneys of the State Enterprise Kharkivstandartmetrologiya using calibration equipment owned by Radmirtech JV.