Our own high-tech production facilities, technological and design base and a team of IT specialists allow us to provide a wide range of services for the development, production and maintenance of gas metering units, as well as implement automation systems for collecting, monitoring and recording information from metering units.

The automatic data collection system developed by the company from gas metering units of industrial and household consumers has been successfully operated for several years at facilities that are within the sphere of influence of gas distribution companies.

Our main areas of activity are:

  • Development and production of devices and equipment for gas metering units, taking into account the needs of the customer.
  • Creation of hardware and software systems for data collection, transmission and processing.
  • Equipment for checking and checking the technical condition of gas meters

We provide the following services for our clients:

  • Design, construction, installation and commissioning of gas metering units
  • Maintenance, repair and calibration of gas meters.
  • Machine work
  • After deliveries and adjustment of the operating condition of the equipment, Radmirtech carries out service and post-warranty maintenance 24/7.

Radmirtech is a team of specialists, qualified engineers who, with the help of modern equipment, successfully solve problems associated with the development and serial production of modern measuring instruments. The Radmirtech company produces products, the quality of which fully meets the expectations and requirements of consumers and is confirmed by appropriate certificates.

The solution is the main advantage of the company. We deeply study the needs of the client and offer individual projects based on the industrial needs of the client.