Development and customization

Radmirtech JV specialists are creating new and reconstructing existing nodes for the commercial metering of natural gas based on gas meters and electronic correctors.

The presence of our own installation and commissioning service at the enterprise allows us to quickly carry out the indicated types of work that were designed both by our specialists and according to the design documentation developed by a third-party organization.

The availability of specialized tools and permission to perform work of increased danger (issued by the State Committee of Ukraine for Supervision of Labor Protection) allows us to carry out work in the conditions of existing enterprises, at which a stop of technological cycles is not provided.

Given the integrated approach to solving the tasks, the specialists of the joint venture “Radmirtech” carry out the approval process with the gas supply organization and the territorial body of the state metrological service of Ukraine.

Gas metering units are manufactured with one or more metering lines and a bypass line. At the request of the customer, gas metering units can be supplied with gas control cabinets with corresponding items.