About Us

The success history of Radmirtech company began in 2001 on the basis of the Research Institute of Radio Measurements. Experience, professionalism, implementation of the latest research and development allowed Radmirtech to quickly conquer the market and take a leading position in the domestic and foreign markets for the production of measuring equipment. Today Radmirtech is a team of professionals, modern, high-tech production and a wide range of high-quality competitive products. We are constantly working on modernizing the existing range and developing new equipment.

The quality of our products is confirmed by certificates:

  • Type checks in accordance with the requirements of the “Technical Regulations for Measuring Instruments”.
  • Type examinations in accordance with the “Technical regulations for equipment and protective systems intended for use in a potentially explosive atmosphere”.
  • Compliance of radio equipment with the requirements of the “Technical Regulations for Radio Equipment”.
  • Compliance with the requirements of the quality management system standards ISO 9001: 2015.

IT solutions Radmirtech

The company has developed a variety of data transmission devices, sensors for various consumer groups. We use wireless communication technologies: GPRS, NB, LoRa WAN and Zigbee.

HasGas platform is our own development. Serves to control metering and transfer of information from energy carriers in real time. IT specialists of Radmirtech have created effective solutions for performing any tasks related to collecting, processing, analyzing and storing data.

IoT and Big Data technologies are at the heart of our software products. We follow the latest trends, stay on top of rapidly developing information technologies. The specialists of our IT department are constantly improving and updating all software products. Provide round-the-clock information support.

Radmirtech is safety and comfort that uses your time efficiently.

Create your Smart City together with Radmirtech.


utilities 100+
40+ distribution network operators
50+ distributors
energy consumers 35,000+


completed projects 500+
certified metrology laboratories 3
instrument maintenance 35,000+
implemented training topics 25+
24/7 technical support

Study and Development

experience 19 years
20+ developers
developed unique devices 12+
customized to the needs of customers 80+
developed by IT products 10+
patents and copyright 12

Market position

2000+ industrial gas meters
gas volume correctors 21,000+
GPRS modems 65,000+
15,000+ radio modules
electronic devices for household gas meters 130,000+