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Data-Logger WMB/GPRS

Main Specifications

Relative humidity 40-98%

Ambient temperature from -25 до +55 ºC

IP54 Protection Class;

Battery life-time: 5 years (3.6W);

Output power: Class 4 – 2 Watts
Class 1 – 1 Watts
GPRS Class 10/8 data transfer with TCP / IP protocol support, CSD support

weight 0.4 kg

dimensions (modem): 121x106x46 mm



The device is intended for receiving messages from counters, using the wireless M-Bus communication protocol and further transmitting the received data to the GPRS-channel data collection server. This implementation is designed to work with water meters supporting this protocol (iPerl, etc.)

Main Benefits

  •  Receives pulse signals from the pulse sensor of the meter.
  • Sums up the volume in operating measurement according to the data obtained from the meter and transmits to the server the data collection via GPRS channel in the given scenario.
  • Accumulates and stores hourly (64 days), daily (128 days), monthly (32 months) archives.
  • Accumulates and stores for 128 days information about emergency situations.
  • Accumulates information about changes to the GPRS configuration of the TKB modem.
  • Records the attempts to influence on the meter with a magnet (date, time of start and end of the magnet).
  • Has the ability to remotely modify the connection log and transmission volume.
  • Provides data on status, battery level and battery life, GSM signal level
  • Trace modem removal from the meter.