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Data-Logger WMB/GPRS

Main Specifications

Relative humidity 40-98%

Ambient temperature from -25 до +55 ºC

IP54 Protection Class;

Battery life-time: 5 years (3.6W);

GPRS Class 10/8 data transfer with TCP / IP protocol support, CSD support

weight 0.4 kg

dimensions (modem): 121x106x46 mm



The device is designed to receive messages from counters that are used wireless M-Bus communication protocol and subsequent transmission of the received data to the collection server via GPRS channel. The device also has the ability to connect to water meters that support this protocol (iPerl, etc.)

Main Benefits

  •  Receive messages from meters via the wireless M-Bus protocol.
  • Ability to connect several meters at the same time (with external power supply).
  • Has the ability to remotely change the communication schedule.
  • Transmits data in the state, emergency, telemetry.
  • Provides information to the consumer through the Smart Count platform.