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Pressure Transducer Vega D.A.\D.I.

Main Specifications

Upper border range scales of pressure up to a 1,6 MPa

Maximum permissible limit error ± 0,1%

Relative humidity 40-98%

Ambient temperature from -25 to +55 ºC

Rerouting data frequency (from 5 min)

Battery life-time: 5 years

data transmission GPRS Class 10/8 with TCP / IP protocol, or LoRaWAN

Emergency notification in case of pressure value exceed

IP66 Protection Class

weight 1,0 kg

dimensions (modem): 202x133x90 mm


Vega Pressure Converters are designed to measure the absolute or excess pressure of gaseous media (natural gas, nitrogen, air), convert the measured value into an electrical output signal, archive the values obtained, and transmit it to the enterprise data collection server via a GSM link

Key Features:

  • VEGA-D.I. – overpressure converter (included in telemetry systems)
  • VEGA-D.A. – absolute pressure converter (included in telemetry systems)
  • VEGA- D.I. – GSM overpressure converter with integrated GSM modem.
  • VEGA- D.A. – GSM absolute pressure converter with integrated GSM modem

Main Benefits

  • The converters meet the requirements of explosion proof.
  • The converter allows you to accumulate and store archival gas pressure values.
  • Accumulates and stores for 128 days information about the time and nature of the emergency situations;
  • Transmits accumulated data to the data collection server (data transmission schedule is tea)
  • Has the ability to remotely change the connection log and transmission volume information on the data collection server.
  • Transmits telemetry data on status, charge level and to the data collection server battery life, GSM signal level, and more
  • Has the ability to set several emergency thresholds, at which reaching an instant message is sent to the data collection server.
  • The converter provides storage of information (previously entered permanent parameters-three, as well as calculated values) for power interruptions of at least 10 years.