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Electronic Volume Conversion Device Vega

Main Specifications

Gas Range Scales, corrected to a base conditions (from 0 to a 999999999 м3) with relative bias
± 0,5% – for VEGA-1.01 N0 correctors;
± 0,35% – for VEGA-2.01 N0 corrector

Temperature scales range: -30 to +50 ºC (with a ± 0,4 °С absolute error)

Meaturement gas absolute pressure of reduced error ± 0,1p% up to a 1.6 MPa

Gas compressibility factor shall: (NX19 mod. or GERG 91 mod.)

Archives: temporary, daily, monthly, emergency situations, interventions, corrector work interference

Batery lifetime: 8 years

Three-level data protection

Remote input of gas parameters

Ambient temperature from -25 to +55 ºC

Explosion-proof shell

степень защиты IP65

Supports the standard ModBus protocol


Calculation of volume and volume consumption of natural gas and other non-aggressive gases and bringing them to standard conditions according to ÃÎÑÒ 2939-63taking into account the measured values of pressure, gas temperature and pulses of the counter, proportional to the volume of gas in working conditions

Type Suits

  • Electronic volume Conversion Device Vega with pTZ correction (correction for temperature, pressure and compressibility factor)
  • Electronic volume Conversion Device Vega with pTZ correction (correction for temperature, pressure and compressibility factor)

Key Features

  • Conversion and processing of input pulse signals from gas meters. ◌ Gas temperature measurement.
  • Measurement of absolute gas pressure (VEGA-1 correctors). ◌ Calculating volume and volumetric gas costs under operating conditions
  • Calculation of volume and volume flow of gas under standard conditions, taking into account values of absolute pressure (VEGA-1), temperature, and the selected method of calculating the compressibility factor of natural gas or other non-aggressive gases (nitrogen, carbon dioxide, argon, air, etc.)
  • Display the measurement and calculation results on the indicator and in the form of reports on a printer or PC
  • rchive of entered and calculated information with further formation of commercial reports with records:
    • hourly archive – 1536 (64 days);
    • 128 Daily archive – 128;
    • monthly archive – 32;
    • archive of emergency situations – 1536;
    • archive of interventions – 1024;
    • operational archive – 1024.
  • Works with external devices (modem, UPI-2Mb) via galvanic cable function.

Main Benefits

  •  Lets automate commercial and / or technological accounting. ◌ Opportunity to organize effective information networks.
  • Timely provision of energy accounting data to billing services and supervision according to current accounting rules.
  • Registered in the State Register of Measuring Instruments of Ukraine for No. 2787-10.
  • Has explosion-proof design, explosion-proof marking Ex «II 2G Ex ib IIA T4Gb and can be installed in explosive zones (CC Certificate 18.0290).