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NB Data-Logger

Main Specifications

Relative humidity 40-98%

Ambient temperature from -25 to +55 ºC

IP54 Protection Class

Data sending frequency: from 1 hour

8 year built-in lithium battery (3.6W)

External magnetic field influence recording

data transmission via NB Data-Logger with TCP / IP protocol support

weight 0,3 kg

dimensions (modem): 60x101x27 mm

Mobile application support

Wearable setting on counter

Purpose Function

Otrimannya danikh about vitrati of energy resources and additional technological parameters
from the water chillers for the automation of the balancing and tribute to the services to show and see, according to the current rules of the energy resources
to the Narrow Band Internet of Things standard.

Major Benefits

  • Receives pulse signals from the meter.
  • Summarizes the volume, according to the data received from the pulse sensor of the counter and
    transmits to the data collection server according to the specified scenario.
  • Accumulates and stores daily (112 days), monthly (15 months) archives.
  • Has the ability to remotely change the communication schedule.
  • Transmits data on the status, charge level and resource of the battery, signal level