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Differential Pressure Transmitter VegaTM-2.n

Main Specifications

Upper border range scales of pressure up to a 1.6 MPa;

Maximum permissible limit error ±0,1 %, ±0,25 %, ±0,5 %

Ambient temperature from -25 до +55 ºC

Frequency of data storage is specified by the working script;

External magnetic field influence recording

Battery life-time: 5 years (3.6W)

GPRS Class 10/8 data transfer with TCP / IP protocol support, CSD support

IP65\IP67 Protection Class

weight 2,0 kg

dimensions (modem): 174х165х134 мм

Archives: temporary, daily, monthly, emergency situations, interventions, corrector work interference;


Key Features

The multifunctional Vega-TM terminal (hereinafter – the terminal) is designed for use in water supply systems, various industries and housing and communal services for automation of accounting, balancing and scheduling.

Main Benefits

  • Two pulse inputs and digital.
  • Built-in pressure sensor.
  • Remote control of the locking mechanism.
  • Autonomous operation from the built-in battery.
  • Support for external power supply 12 \ 24 V.
  • Measurement of absolute or excess fluid pressure.
  • Obtaining volume data from energy meters.
  • Ability to control the influence of external magnetic fields on the meter.
  • Data archiving.
  • Transfer of the received data to the server of the enterprise by the
  • GSM communication channel.