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Radio Module Vega-T-Lora

Major Specifications

Relative humidity 40-98%

Ambient temperature from -25 to +55 ºC

IP54 Protection Class

Data sending frequency: from 1 hour

8-year built-in lithium battery(3.6W) (output power: up to a 25 mWATT)

External magnetic field influence recording

Data transfer through the LoRa 

Weight 0,3 kg

Dimensions (modem): 60x101x27 mm

Wearable setting on counter


Obtaining data on energy consumption and additional technological parameters from water meters, to automate metering, balancing, and provide data to services calculation and supervision, in accordance with the current rules for accounting for energy resources. Works only in the presence of a concentrator of the MSK-LoRa network or the operator’s network LoRa communication.

Main Benefits

  • Counts the pulse signals coming from the counter.
  • Summarizes the volume according to the data received from the meter and transmits using radio module LoRa to the concentrator MSK-LoRa with the subsequent transmission of this data
    to the server according to the set scenario.
  • Accumulates and stores daily (112 days), monthly (15 months) archives.
  • Wireless reception of requests for reading archives, time correction, reset emergencies, etc.
  • Transmits data on the status, charge level and resource of the battery, signal level.
  • Communication with the MSC-LoRa concentrator is maintained at a distance of not more than 1000 m in the conditions of a dense city building or no more than 3000 m in the conditions of building the private sector.
  • Provides information to the consumer through the Smart Count platform.