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Intelligent radio module iMod-Vega

Main Specifications

Relative humidity 95%

 Ambient temperature from -25 to +55 ºC

Protection Class IP54

Rerouting data frequency from 5 min

Output power: Class 4 (850/900 MHz) — 2 Watts
Class 1 (1800/1900 MHz) — 1 Watt
GPRS Class 10/8 data transfer with TCP / IP protocol support, CSD support

power supply 220V, 50Hz

support for external devices via RS232 (modems, printers, computers and others)

Mobile application support

weight 0,4 kg

Convenient installation on the meter


Obtaining data on natural gas consumption and the state of flow parameters from VEGA, KPLG, B-25 correctors, HF meters and others. Periodic transmission of received information in the form of messages to the user’s personal account, as well as to the data collection server of the surveillance and accounting services by the GSM cellular network in channel (CSD) or packet (GPRS) modes, in accordance with the requirements of the timing code.

Key Features:

For VEGA correctors (N0), HF counters that support the standard ModBus protocol:

  • Intelligent radio module iMod-Vega (VEGA communicator)
  • MS Communicator VEGA-1: powered by AC ~ 50Hz, 220V;
  • MS-Communicator VEGA-4: power from the network, battery with the ability to connect a solar panel.

For correctors VEGA, KPLG, HF counters, V-25 gas volume calculators, and others:

  • Intelligent radio module iMod-Vega;
  • MS-iMod-Vega-1: AC power supply ~ 50Hz, 220V;
  • MS-iMod-Vega-4: mains power, battery with the ability to connect a solar battery

Main Benefits

  • Meets the requirements of the technical regulations of radio equipment from 24.05.2017 № 355 and has a Certificate of Conformity for № 1О094.007577-19 from 11.10.2019.
  • It is installed both as a part of a communication module, and as a separate element of the system.
  • Work with the Vega (b) survey program on the CSD channel.
  • It supports the standard ModBus protocol.
  • Getting information through your account.
  • Monitoring and diagnosing the health of iMod-Vega and iMod-Vega (VEGA communicator).
  • Reading and writing AT commands.