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Differential Pressure Transmitter Vega


Realization of remote control physical gas parameters value, processing equipment health, alarm system breakdown, rapid data transfer to the central control station.

Of-the-shelf f stuff

  • Arrangement equipment located in an explosive area:
  • An absolute (excess) pressure transducer (up to 5 pieces)
  • Pressure difference converter (up to 5 pcs),
  • Temperature sensors (up to 3 pcs),
  • Door openers (up to 2 pieces)
  • Valves for safety valves (waste and shut-off valves, up to 5 pcs),
  • Gas detector
  • Control unit (CU),
  • Discrete Signal Controller (DSC),

Equipment located in the explosion-proof area (mounted in the mounting box)

  • Communicator with external antenna,
  • Galvanic isolation cable (up to 15 m),
  • Controller and CDF power supply controller (with built-in device electroplating
  • Power supply unit with switchgear,
  • Battery pack.


  • High adaptability, system variability.
  • Opportunity to use multiple communication channels, namely LoRa, GSM, Combined.
  • Display all control objects on the monitor by visualizing them on Google Maps.
  • Display of the current readings of all analog and discrete sensors at the selected control
  • Display of the Operator, Time and Daily values on the monitor as graphs or tables.
  • Instant notification on the monitor of the occurrence information manager nonstandard situations (output of measured parameters beyond the specified limits, non-sanction door opening updates, valve tripping, over-concentration indoor methane tracer and others)
  • Optimization of parameters by control group.
  • Possibility of operative remote change of alarm thresholds of sensor values.
  • Saving as archives, with subsequent printout of reports on the printer all received data
  • Current display of system parameters: time, sensor status, GSM level sig low, battery voltage and external power level, information about the resource of built-in batteries of BU and GPRS modem and others.
  • System configuration directly on-site or remotely using project- nVEGA_G software.
  • Opportunity to control system status from PC or smartphone.
  • In the absence of external voltage, the system can be powered from complete battery that is capable of recharging the system without charge we are up to 6 months.

Main Benefits

  • Interviews of analog and discrete sensors – every 50 sec.
  • Pollution sensor survey – 2 times a day.
  • Send data to server – every 4 hours
  • Recover data in emergency situations – instantaneously.
  • Daily archive of data – 128 records.
  • Survey of control objects on request or on schedule (schedule installed by the dispatcher).
  • Opportunity to get consumer information through HasGas personal account.

Tech Specs

Power can be supplied from the ~ 220 V mains via the power controller and the communicator, or from a complete battery.