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Differential Pressure Transmitter Vega-TM-6

Technical data

relative humidity of air 40-98%

ambient temperature from -25 до +55 ºC

degree of defence IP54

periodicity of sending of data is from 1 hour (changes remotedly)

term of service from the instituted literature 3.6 V to 4 years

control of influence the external magnetic field or control of flood

communication of data of GPRS Class 10/8 with support of TCP/IP protocol

mass is 0,4 kg, no more

overall sizes 142х124х46 mm

comfortable establishment is on a meter


For automation of account of liquid, balancing and control centralized traffic in the water systems, different industries of industry and management of the housing and communal government.

Functions and advantages

  • The terminal has two pulse inputs for operation with two counters with pulse outputs.
  • Summarizes the volume according to the data received from the meter and transmits it to the Smart Count data collection server via GPRS channel according to the specified scenario.
  • Accumulates and saves hourly (64 days), daily (128 days) archives and emergency archives (128 days).
  • Support an operational archive (1024 records), through a specified time interval from 1 to 30 minutes.
  • Can register attempts to act on the magnet in order to distort the meter readings.
  • Transmits data on the state of the terminal, the creation of emergencies, the level of charge and resource of the battery, the ambient temperature, and others.
  • Parameterization of the device and emergency reading of archives by means of a special cable and the nVega (g) software.