The Vega-TSV controller

The Vega-TSV controller is intended for continuous remote control of parameters of technological process and operating modes of the equipment of artesian wells of production of drinking water in a cycle of the water supply of the industrial and municipal enterprises.

The controller is an integral part of the SmartCount software and hardware complex. Vega-TSV expands the capabilities of the complex in terms of ease of use, depth of processing, archiving and display of information, controller control, and flexibility of use, including the ability to work offline in the event of an emergency with the power supply.

The controller constantly performs measurements on analog and digital inputs to transmit the accumulated information to the central server via GPRS communication according to the specified scenario or immediately in case of emergency/crash situations for each of the controlled parameters. The user interface informs the operator about the emergency situation by a light-sound message, display of values ​​of the emergency parameter, including PUSH messages to the defined responsible persons. The operator must “bloom” the alarm and act in accordance with the internal procedure for responding to a specific situation. The operator has the ability to remotely adjust the emergency thresholds of the controlled parameters, based on the existing operational situation and the permissible modes of operation of technological equipment.

  1. The Vega-TSV price includes installation and commissioning.
  2. The controller is part of the hardware and software complex, which includes the server part, user interfaces, and equipment on the well. Everything, including software, requires adaptation and adjustment.
  3. Vega-TSV has increased pressure measurement accuracy and stability.
  4. The controller is equipped with an autonomous power source that allows you to monitor operating modes and emergency situations without reference to the supply voltage, including monitoring it.
  5. Can be integrated into the general Gis water supply control system.
  6. The controller provides online operating modes, according to a given scenario, by an event.
  7. Vega-TSV supports remote programming and control option.