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Pressure Transducer with a build-in modem

Main Specifications

Service pressure up to a 1.6 MPa;

Maximum permissible limit error: ±0,1 %; ±0,25 %; ±0,5 %;

Frequency of data storage is specified by the working script;

5-year built-in lithium battery life, provided data is sent to the server once a day for GPRS technicians and every hour for LoRa technology;

Poll (parameters are set by default in the settings, the settings can be changed remotely): Poll – every 60 sec .; sending data to the server – once a day; sending data in case of emergency – instantly;

GPRS Class 10/8 data transfer with TCP / IP protocol support, CSD support or Lora with LoRaWAN unit support;

Alarm in case of exceeding setpoints of pressure

rotection class – IP66 (can be custom made with protection class IP67);

weight 0.95 kg.;

dimensions : 202х133х90 mm

“SmartCountMobile application support

Remote control of battery level and battery life, signal level, ambient temperature;

Archives: temporary, daily, monthly, emergency situations, interventions, corrector work interference